Joe Visconti

Founder and president

As a consultant, he advises owners of exit strategies and assists them in the sale of their business. He also identifies acquisition candidates for private investors, mid-sized firms, or public-school groups.

As a business owner-operator and President of a private-for-profit, post-secondary proprietary school group, his record of accomplishment of success includes the start-up, ownership, and oversight of multiple accredited school groups. He fully understands the challenges and rewards of owning and operating small to mid-sized businesses. Specifically, he is well versed in managing a business through its various lifecycles – launch, growth, decline, turn-arounds, maturity, and sale.

Mr. Visconti graduated from Eastern University with a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Dynamics and his M.B.A from Wilmington University. 

Joseph “Joey” Visconti

Business Development Director

As our Business Development Director, Joey enjoys his responsibility of developing new opportunities for our team which helps fuel our growth.  Joey is constantly networking and developing new business opportunities while helping grow the Beacon brand. He also helps oversee client and vendor relationships.

Armed with a degree in Psychology from Stockton University, Joey has worked previously in the education setting as a clinical associate. He is passionate about the importance of giving behavioral and educational consultation which he has learned through his practice in classroom/home instruction, data collection, vocational training, social skills training, and community integration. Joey is also highly familiar with the process of treatment plan implementation to include behavioral goals and intervention techniques for young children.

Heather Schuck


Working with our team as our Consultant is Heather Schuck.

Heather is a motivated Preschool Director and Special Educator with thirteen years of diverse experience of teaching pre-kindergarten through adult-aged individuals with special needs.

After obtaining her Master of Science degree in Special Education at Florida State University in 1994, Heather dove into rigorous education work in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and New Jersey for the next 28 years.

She has built her expertise in early intervention and special education by immersing herself in different aspects of the system as a teacher, director, and collaborator for the community, health providers and educators.

Christe Bomber


Christe Bomber is one of our esteemed consultants here at Beacon Education Consulting. A meticulous and efficient leader with 13+ years of experience in the education sector, Christe is an expert at boosting student enrollment, retention, and outcomes with a proven track record for success while maintaining total compliance.

After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, with a minor in Psychology at Bloomsburg University in 1992, Christe embarked on a storied career that has focused on human resources management, logistics management and education.

Christe provides a steady guiding hand in our processes and operation. She has led our team in establishing guidelines, and written procedural instruction manuals to ensure school compliance. Christe has also provided training to raise our standards when it comes to the development and management of program-student planning.