Business Brokering

Beacon Education Consulting operates with an uncompromising focus on both quality and unmatched customer service. These values are the cornerstone of our business and have been instrumental in establishing our reputation for confidentially, innovation, and results.

As a proven leader in the business brokering services for both the private-for-profit post-secondary school sector and main street businesses, we empower your brokering needs through effective consulting and precise valuations.

Seller-Side Services

Selling your business may be one of the most important events of your lifetime. The success or failure of this transaction will be related to the skill used in determining your company’s value, finding the best buyer, solving complex legal, tax and accounting problems, and arranging a timely closing.

If you are interested in selling your business, we can help with:


Preparing all of the detailed analysis of your business to give you the understanding and confidence in the highest price the market will pay for your company.


Designing a thoroughly researched marketing program to present your company's potential and value confidently to the largest number of potential buyers.


Packaging all of your company's information to present your sale in an engaging fashion to prospective buyers.


Assisting in analyzing and comparing offers from prospective buyers to help you decide which structure and which terms best meet your objectives.


Providing proactive, on-going advisory and negotiation services throughout the entire transaction.

Consulting Services Specializing in Post-Secondary Schools

Licensing & Accreditation

We want to help propel your school from startup to full accreditation. Licensing and accreditations offer several important benefits for graduates and institutions. With over 35 years of experience, we have the understanding and expertise to help your institution with school licensure and accreditation.

We can also put our decades of expertise to work for your school in new program research, development, state, and accreditation approvals.

Admissions & Retention Strategies

If your school is struggling with either new admissions or graduation performance, our evaluation process can help identifies areas of improvement and enhance interaction with your prospective students and current student body.  Another benefit of this evaluation and enhancements is implementing best practices and long-term strategies. The entire admissions and retention process is collaborative and will empower your faculty.

Another area many schools struggle with is student recruitment, and not all struggles are equal. The entire recruitment process can be intimidating and overwhelming for school leadership, faculty, and prospective students. If you are looking to improve your student recruitment experience and performance, our collaborative approach and effective strategies will increase recruitment efficiency and improve enrollment results.

Student retention is, arguably, one of the most critical components of a healthy institution. When evaluating student retention, we find many need additional resources to keep students engaged and focused on completing their program. If you are struggling with retention, we are ready to help by reviewing your school’s data to provide analytics that will quickly identify inefficiencies in school operations that are impacting your retention.

Marketing Opportunities

Today’s marketing is most effective when powered by technology.  If you are not attracting new students for your top programs, we are ready to put our experience to work to help you identify your top opportunities for improving your marketing results. The beauty of technology is the near real-time feed of data to help empower quick adjustments. By making decisions powered by data, we help you put technology to work for you to track your buyer’s journey across your recruitment cycle. With this new insight into your data, you will be able to predictably increase lead volume, decrease costs, and start to innovate to generate interest and enrollments.